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Secure Your Gear (and Your Pants): The 15 Best Belts for Hiking

Man With Trekking Poles Hiking Across Boulders


If you are a hiker like me, you can understand the frustration of not having the proper belt to secure your hiking pants and gear while offering flexibility and comfort for potentially strenuous activity.

A reliable hiking belt is an often overlooked but essential piece of gear.

A good hiking belt will secure your pants and gear and keep you comfortable and agile through a long hike.

With so many options for belts on the market, I get that it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

In this article, I have created a list of the 15 best belts for hiking.

When creating this list, I considered variables such as durability, comfort, adjustability, and security to help you find the perfect belt for your next hiking adventure.

Let’s dive in and discover the best belts for hiking for your next outdoor excursion!

Criteria for choosing the best hiking belts

Can of Bear Spray Hanging From Hiker's Belt

When choosing a good hiking belt, it’s essential to consider several factors that can affect your comfort and safety while on the trail.

Here are the key criteria I used to determine the best hiking belts for this list:


A solid hiking belt should be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of strenuous outdoor activities.

The material should be solid and resistant to water, sweat, and abrasions but flexible enough to prevent tearing with movement over time.


Comfort is also crucial when it comes to choosing a belt for hiking.

The belt should be made of a soft, breathable material that won’t irritate the skin or rub too abrasively against clothing.

The buckle should also be comfortable and not dig into the stomach or hips.


The capability to adjust the size of the belt is essential for a comfortable fit.

Hiking belts should have multiple sizing options, including adjustable buckles for different waist sizes.


A good hiking belt should be secure enough to keep pants and gear in place throughout a hike with varying terrain and elevation.

The best belts for hiking will have sturdy, reliable buckles made out of a durable material that won’t accidentally come undone and have enough strength to carry the weight of your gear.

By keeping these criteria in mind when shopping for your perfect hiking belt, you’ll be able to choose a belt for hiking that will keep you comfortable, secure, and prepared for any physical outdoor adventure.

In the next section, we’ll look at the 15 best hiking belts on the market for 2023.

Note: This article contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, at no additional charge to you.

15 best belts for hiking

Best overall

Groove Life Groove Belt

Best for the price

Propper Tactical Duty Belt

Best bundle

HOANAN 2-Pack Elastic Stretch Belt

100% American-made

GRIP6 Nylon Hiking Belt

Best other picks

JUKMO Tactical Belt

Columbia Military Web Belt

JASGOOD Heavy Duty Reinforced Nylon Belt

FAIRWIN Ratchet Belt

JUKMO Quick Release Belt

KEMISANT Military Stretch Belt

Nelbons Military Hiking Rigger

CHAOREN Nylon Tactical Belt

MOZETO Tactical Hiking Belt

KEMISANT Tactical Web Belt

KAVU Burly Belt

Best overall hiking belt

Groove Life Groove Belt - $64.95

Gun Metal Groove Life Groove Hiking Belt

Category: Casual

Key Features: Magnetic closure, 94-year warranty, comfortable and flexible

The Groove Life Groove Belt is stylish, functional, and the most popular hiking belt on this list.

This hiking belt was designed in Alaska by an adventure guide who saw the importance of having high-quality gear with an excellent reputation for customer service.

This hiking belt's most unique and distinguishing feature is its magnetic aluminum buckle.

This magnetic closure makes it exceptionally easy to remove the belt single-handedly.

Its nylon material makes the belt comfortable and flexible, making it an ideal choice for longer hikes.

Though it is more expensive than the other hiking belts in this list, the Groove Belt comes with a 94-year warranty backed by Groove Life, so you can be assured this is a high-quality product that is trusted and reliable. Likely the last hiking belt you'll ever need to buy.

With all this, the Groove Life Groove Belt made the top of my list for the overall best belt for hiking.

Best for the price

Propper Tactical Duty Belt - $9.99

Propper Tactical Duty Belt Green With Black Buckle

Category: Tactical

Key features: Lightweight, comfortable, low price point

If you are looking for the most economical belt for hiking on this list, the Propper Tactical Duty Belt is it.

This hiking belt is made from heavy-duty single-layer nylon webbing, making it exceptionally durable.

The buckle is plastic, making it less rigid than many of the others on this list with metal buckles, but the plastic buckle keeps the price point much lower than the other belts as well.

Another feature is its conveniently lightweight design, making it perfectly comfortable throughout a longer hike.

Best bundle

HOANAN 2-Pack Elastic Stretch Belt - $16.99 - $20.99

Pair of Hiking Belts Tan and Black

Category: Tactical

Key features: Bundle deal, flexible and comfortable, multiple color and size options

It’s always a sweet deal when you can get 2-for-1, and at this price point, the HOANAN 2-Pack Elastic Stretch Belt is the best hiking belt bundle I have found.

Each belt in the bundle is created with hikers in mind, designed for outdoor enthusiasts who need a hiking belt to flex and stretch with their movements.

Made from stretchy nylon material, the belt is flexible and comfortable, allowing hikers to move freely without restriction.

The buckle on both belts is made from plastic instead of metal and can be removed if desired.

This 2-pack of hiking belts comes in multiple color and size options.

If you're looking for a belt for hiking that allows a full range of motion while providing comfort and a great price point, the HOANAN Elastic Stretch Belt might be for you.

100% American-made

GRIP6 Nylon Hiking Belt - $39.00

Black Nylon Hiking Belt with Metal Buckle

Category: Casual

Key Features: American-made, patented locking buckle, durable material

The GRIP6 Nylon Hiking belt is a minimalist and functional belt designed for hikers who are looking for a belt with a more casual appearance.

This belt is 100% nylon and made in the USA.

Although it comes with a higher price point than many others on this list, its quality is up to the harshest outdoor conditions.

The GRIP6 has a low-profile buckle that features a “friction lock” that the company patents, and it guarantees the belt will retain its tight fit all day.

I personally don't mind this belt's price because the company offers a lifetime guarantee, demonstrating that the company stands by its product.

Best other picks

JUKMO Tactical Belt - $19.98

Black Nylon Tactical Hiking Belt with Metal Quick-Release Clasp

Category: Tactical

Key features: Durability, flexibility, quick-release buckle, adjustability

The JUKMO Tactical Belt is a durable yet form-fitting belt made from high-quality nylon material capable of stretching easily.

It features a quick-release buckle made of tough aluminum alloy that can be quickly released single-handedly, making it ideal for any situation where you need to remove it quickly.

The adjustable design allows you to customize the belt’s size to fit your waist comfortably.

With its convenient closure system, the JUKMO Tactical Belt is designed to keep your pants up and prevent slipping or coming undone.

It is a reliable and comfortable choice for hikers or any other individual undertaking strenuous physical activity that requires a belt to withstand consistently harsh conditions.

Columbia Military Web Belt - $12.93

Black Cotton Hiking Belt With Silver Buckle

Category: Military

Key Features: Low price point, sleek design, multiple color options

The Columbia Military Web Belt is a versatile and durable belt designed to withstand tough hiking conditions.

The belt strap is made from 100% cotton and is a webbed style.

It is fully adjustable to your waist, but the belt only comes in one size.

However, it is still customizable, coming in multiple color options.

Columbia is well-known for its quality standards for outdoor products, and the customer feedback on this belt is phenomenal overall.

JASGOOD Heavy Duty Reinforced Nylon Belt - $11.99

Coffee Colored Nylon Belt With Metal Buckle

Category: Military

Key Features: Extreme durability, fully adjustable strap, lightweight and breathable

Next up is the JASGOOD Tactical Heavy Duty Reinforced Nylon Belt.

This hiking belt is made for the absolute harshest outdoor conditions.

It is made with a thick nylon webbing strap, offering extreme durability but keeping the belt lightweight and breathable.

The buckle is made from zinc alloy, and there are no holes in this belt, allowing you to adjust the belt to a perfect fit by simply sliding until comfortable.

FAIRWIN Ratchet Belt - $15.99-16.99

Green Nylon Belt With Dark Metal Buckle

Category: Tactical

Key Features: High load-bearing capacity, ratcheting adjuster, sleek and casual design

The FAIRWIN Ratchet Belt is a unique belt for hiking designed for functionality.

Although considered a tactical belt, this hiking belt is casual as an everyday carry for any outdoor activity.

This hiking belt is made for securing your pants while on the trail and carrying high-weight gear capacity on your belt.

It is made with an aluminum alloy buckle with a high load-bearing capacity, so if you’re looking to carry multiple items, such as a water bottle, binoculars, and more, on your belt, this is a perfect choice.

The belt buckle also features a ratcheting belt button to adjust the length perfectly.

JUKMO Quick Release Belt - $18.98

Gray Hiking Belt With Quick Release Buckle

Category: Tactical

Key Features: Quick-release lock, stretch nylon, durable material

The JUKMO Quick Release Belt is a hiking belt made explicitly for those who need or desire the ability quickly release their belt.

The strap is 100% nylon, and the buckle is a heavy-duty zinc alloy.

The buckle has a button that can be pushed single-handedly to release the lock quickly.

The belt's nylon is flexible, allowing the hiker to move without restriction.

KEMISANT Military Stretch Belt - $22.99-$29.99

Blue Nylon Hiking Belt With Black Metal Buckle

Category: Military

Key Features: Flip top latch, removable buckle, lightweight, fully adjustable

Next on my list is the KEMISANT Military Stretch Belt.

This belt is a tactical one with full adjustment capabilities and a comfortable, stretchy fit, making this one of the best belts for hiking.

The KEMISANT hiking belt is equipped with a flip-top latch for easy release.

The buckle is entirely removable to adjust the belt for the desired size.

I noticed that the belt is surprisingly lightweight, which makes it an excellent hiking belt for long trips.

This hiking belt also comes in several nice-looking colors, so you can match it to nearly any outfit.

Nelbons Military Hiking Rigger - $10.99

Tan Hiking Belt With Black Metal Buckle

Category: Military

Key Features: Heavy-duty buckle, comfort, durability

The Nelbons Military Hiking Rigger is a hiking belt designed with a heavy-duty quick-release buckle and a comfortable webbed nylon strap.

The belt buckle can be released quickly and easily with a single free hand.

It is stretchy yet durable, so it is an excellent choice at a low price point for a long day of hiking.

I think the price point for the quality is the most significant selling point, and the company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so this is a virtually risk-free purchase.

CHAOREN Nylon Tactical Belt - $11.99

White Nylon Hiking Belt With Dark Gray Metal Buckle

Category: Tactical

Key Features: Visually appealing design, quick-release heavy-duty buckle, high carrying capacity

Next on this list is one of the most impressive new belts for hiking by CHAOREN.

The tactical belt has a visually appealing design and a sleek quick-release aluminum buckle.

This belt is designed for hiking, but its contemporary design can be used for any kind of physical activity or worn as a casual everyday belt.

The heavy-duty buckle allows for a high carrying capacity without sacrificing comfort.

The CHAOREN Nylon Tactical Belt also has a lifetime guarantee, so putting this thing through the wringer when hiking or backpacking will not be an issue.

MOZETO Tactical Hiking Belt - $14.99

Mottle Pattern Nylon Hiking Belt With Dark Metal Buckle

Category: Tactical

Key Features: Heavy-duty metal buckle, breathable and durable, high load-bearing capacity, tear-resistant

The MOZETO Tactical Hiking Belt has a design that is breathable and durable, making it an excellent belt for hiking.

The buckle is made of a heavy-duty metal with a high load-bearing capacity that can also be quickly released in just a second by single-handedly pressing the sides of the closure.

The strap is made of tear-resistant nylon, making it durable enough to hold a substantial amount of gear on your belt.

This hiking belt also comes in multiple color options to suit every style.

KEMISANT Tactical Web Belt - $15.99

Black Nylon Webbed Hiking Belt With Sleek Dark Gray Metal Buckle

Category: Tactical

Key Features: Fully adjustable and stretchy, durable metal buckle

The KEMISANT Tactical Web Belt is designed to be fully adjustable and stretchy for ultimate comfort while out on the trail.

Its webbed nylon strap design allows the right stretchability to adapt to your waist size.

It comes equipped with a cut-to-fit mechanism enabling you to choose your length for the belt to ensure a perfect fit.

The buckle is a durable metal that comes standard with a quick release.

KAVU Burly Belt - $18.00

Trading Post Pattern Hiking Belt

Category: Casual

Key Features: Buckle closure, durable nylon strap

KAVU is a well-known outdoor wear provider based out of Seattle, WA. The company is known for its quality outdoor gear.

The KAVU Burly Belt is no exception, with its conveniently easy-to-operate buckle closure and high-quality nylon material.

The design is funky and stylish, as is their other outdoor gear.

KAVU is also dedicated to its sustainability mission, so when you purchase this belt, you are helping to support the protection of our planet.


Having a reliable and comfortable belt for hiking can make a significant difference in your outdoor adventure experience.

From heavy-duty tactical belts to hiking belts with a simpler but functional design, this list comprises the best belts for hiking for 2023, so you're certain to find something to suit your needs.

The 15 hiking belts I highlighted in this list are some of my favorites that I had tried when I tested them against my criteria for what makes a solid hiking belt.

I highly recommend investing in a quality hiking belt to help keep you comfortable and secure on the trails.

If you would like to support this website, purchasing products through my links is a great way to do that at no charge to you other than the price of the item.

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