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Plan Your Perfect Summer Getaway: Scusset Beach Camping 101



Scusset Beach Jetty

Scusset Beach is a beautiful and affordable place to spend a weekend camping close to the serene views of the beach.

In Sandwich, Massachusetts, Scusset Beach is a popular destination for campers and beach lovers.

With its pristine shores, clear waters, and picturesque surroundings, Scusset Beach camping will surely give you a memorable outdoor experience.

Aside from being exceptionally pretty, Scusset Beach offers a full-service campground with various camping options.

Whether you prefer a tent or an RV, Scusset Beach has something to offer every camper.

The Scusset Beach campground provides easy access to nature trails, bike paths, fishing, and other outdoor activities, making it an ideal destination for families, couples, and solo travelers.

In this article, we'll look at what Scusset Beach camping has to offer nature enthusiasts.

We’ll explore the various camping options available at Scusset Beach, highlight the best things to do while you’re there, and provide essential tips for making the most of your trip.

Why camp Scusset Beach?

Scusset Beach Shoreline

If you're looking for a relaxing beach camping experience, Scusset Beach camping offers just that. This section will examine some of the best reasons to camp at Scusset Beach.

Proximity to the water

The most significant benefit to Scusset Beach camping would be the campsite’s proximity to the water.

The campground is just a short walk from the shore, so you can spend your days lounging on the sand, swimming in the ocean, or enjoying watersports like kayaking and paddleboarding without having a great distance to cover between the water and your camp.

Additionally, Scusset Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cape Cod region, with white sand and clear waters.

Family-friendly atmosphere

Scusset Beach camping is ideal for the whole family.

The campground offers a range of amenities to keep everyone entertained, from children to adults.

You’ll find opportunities for swimming, fishing, picnic tables, and organized events for educational opportunities.

Nature trails

Scusset Beach is in a beautiful natural setting, surrounded by woods and wildlife habitats.

The reservation offers nature trails for hiking and bike paths that wind through the surrounding landscape.

Two popular hiking and bike trails include the Cape Cod Canal Bikeway and the Sagamore Hill Loop.

Affordable prices

Finally, Scusset Beach camping is an affordable way to enjoy a vacation.

The campground offers camping options to suit every budget and camping preference, from primitive tent sites to full-hookup RV sites.

The prices for all campsites are relatively reasonable for beach camping. The campsites are at most $70, which is the non-resident price.

Scusset Beach camping options

Whether looking for a more primitive campsite to set up a tent and relax by a campfire or a full-hookup campsite for comfort, Scusset Beach offers a multitude of options for camping.

Tent camping

Camping Tent in Woods

If you’re looking for a traditional camping experience but with the quaint experience of camping at the beach, Scusset Beach offers several tent sites perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

The campground offers five tent-only campsites that are conveniently located near the shore.

Each tent site has an individual fire ring for campfire building and s'more roasting.

Portable fire pits and pets are also allowed at the five tent-only sites.

Reserve your tent-only campsite here for the most unique Scusset Beach camping experience.

RV Camping

Man Opening RV Door at Campsite

Scusset Beach also offers a range of RV campsites with total water and electricity hookups.

Scusset Beach offers 94 RV campsites that include water and electricity.

The RV sites come with a picnic table for the family to enjoy. However, there are no fires allowed, unlike the tent-only campsites.

If you wish to stay in one of the RV campsites and still want to enjoy a fire, the campground offers a communal fire pit.

For Scusset Beach RV camping reservations, follow this link.

Safari Field

Suppose you plan on Scusset Beach camping with a large group or RV club. In that case, the Scusset Beach Safari Field is the perfect accommodation for your party.

The Safari Field is the only group RV site in the campground, and it can accommodate up to 280 people.

Individual reservations are not permitted at this campsite, as it is intended for large groups of RV campers.

Pets are allowed at the Safari Field.

The maximum number of vehicles allowed at the Scusset Beach Safari Field is 60.

For Safari Field reservations, navigate here.

Things to do at Scusset Beach

Scusset Beach camping is one of the most popular activities here.

Still, Scusset also offers a range of other daytime activities if you're not interested in staying overnight.

This section will look at some of the other popular activities to do at Scusset Beach other than camping.

Beach activities

Fishing Rods on the Beach

The beach is by far this park’s most unique and distinguishing attraction, with plenty of activities to enjoy on the sand and in the water.

Visitors can swim in the clear ocean water, relax and sunbathe on the white beaches, or fish and crab off the shore.

The pier is also popular for fishing.

Lifeguards are on duty in Cape Cod Bay to watch over swimmers.

There are kayak rental shops nearby, so if you’re looking to paddle offshore, Scusset Beach is an excellent option.

Scusset Beach is known for its lesser crowds, so if you’re looking for a Cape Cod experience without the overflowing of tourists, this destination will suit you well.

Hiking and biking

Cycler Biking Near Beach

Scusset Beach has a beautiful surrounding landscape aside from the beach itself.

As mentioned, the park offers hiking and biking trails for visitors.

Suppose you're looking to explore the area while getting some good exercise. In that case, you should add hiking and biking Scusset Beach to your agenda.

Picnicking and grilling

Hotdogs and Hamburgers on the Grill

Scusset Beach offers picnic areas and grills for you to use at your leisure for the perfect meal with family and friends.

Nearby attractions

Forefathers Monument

Scusset Beach is not only a destination in and of itself but also serves as a great base camp for exploring the surrounding Cape Cod area.

Whether interested in hiking through scenic forests, learning American history, or simply relaxing on the tranquil beaches, there are plenty of nearby attractions to suit every outdoor adventurer. Here are a few top nearby attractions to enjoy while camping at Scusset Beach.

  • Shawme-Crowell State Forest

  • Myles Standish State Forest

  • Pilgrim Memorial State Park

  • Forefathers Monument

  • Ellisville State Park

Each of these outdoor destinations offers unique experiences and adventure opportunities.

You will surely find something appealing, from exploring historical landmarks to immersing yourself in nature.

When planning a Scusset Beach camping trip, be sure to explore the area around Scusset Beach so you can discover all that the Cape Cod area has to offer.

Scusset Beach camping: frequently asked questions

When planning a Scusset Beach camping trip for the first time, you might have questions about what to expect and how to make the most of your trip.

This section will look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Scusset Beach camping and its options.

How much does it cost to park at Scusset Beach?

Parking at Scusset Beach is $10 for visitors.

Are there bathrooms at Scusset Beach?

There are restrooms and shower facilities at Scusset Beach.

Are dogs allowed on Scusset Beach?

Dogs are permitted in the camping areas while on a leash but not on the beach.

Is Scusset Beach open year-round?

Scusset Beach and the campground are open year-round, but you must have an RV for winter camping, and hookups are unavailable.

Are reservations required for camping at Scusset Beach?

Reservations are highly recommended for Scusset Beach camping, and you can reserve your spot online here.

What are the most popular activities at Scusset Beach?

Scusset Beach offers a variety of activities for visitors, including swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, and camping.

By addressing these frequently asked questions, you should have a better.3 understanding of what to expect during your Scusset Beach camping trip and how to make the most of your experience.


Scusset Beach camping is one of the most unique beach experiences in the northeast United States.

Scusset Beach is an ideal destination for experiencing the beauty and serenity of Cape Cod without having to deal with congested tourist areas that you might find elsewhere.

If this is your first time beach camping, Scusset Beach offers stunning waters, plenty of outdoor activities, and accommodations for families and large groups, making it a must-visit beach camping destination.

From swimming and fishing to hiking and biking, there are plenty of outdoor activities to take part in at Scusset Beach.

Moreover, the surrounding area offers a wealth of attractions, from historical landmarks to scenic forests, offering something for everyone to enjoy.

Overall, Scusset Beach camping is a fantastic way to experience the natural beauty and rich history of Cape Cod.

I hope this guide has given you the information you need to plan an unforgettable camping trip to this remarkable destination.

Waves Breaking on Scusset Beach with Jetty in the Background

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