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America's Hidden Underwater Gems: The 15 Best Places to Go Magnet Fishing in 2023



Fishing Magnet with Carabiner and Rope

Magnet fishing has garnered popularity among the outdoor community over the last few years. And, with the warmer weather upon us comes the opportunity for outdoor adventure.

Magnet fishing is a method of fishing that uses a powerful magnet instead of a fishing hook and is used to attract and retrieve metallic objects from underwater instead of fish. It is also known as magnetic fishing or magnet angling.

Treasure hunting has traditionally taken the form of using a metal detector in areas commonly known for people to drop or lose valuables. Magnet fishing is similar, but you are hunting for potential treasures under the water's surface instead.

Magnet fishing is a fun and adventurous activity for outdoor enthusiasts and treasure hunters alike. The activity can also benefit our community's waterways by removing the trash or harmful debris from underwater ecosystems.

All that said, choosing the right location for magnet fishing is essential for a productive and enjoyable experience.

This article discusses the top 15 best places to go magnet fishing in 2023.

Magnet fishing in rivers and lakes

River With Trees Running Along the Banks

Two great places to start magnet fishing are rivers and lakes.

This is because these bodies of water tend to attract substantial activity from people, so you are more likely to find objects of interest by magnet fishing these areas.

In this section, I will review some of the most popular rivers and lakes for magnet fishing in the United States.

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

The Mississippi River ranks at the number 4 spot on the longest rivers in the world.

It spans multiple states in the U.S. and provides use for commerce, recreation, and even drinking water.

Moreover, spots on the Mississippi River are fantastic for magnet fishing.

The Mississippi River has yielded many metallic treasures, including old coins, jewelry, and historical artifacts, making it one of the best places to go magnet fishing in the United States.

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is among the largest lakes in the United States and a great spot for magnet fishing enthusiasts.

The lake is known for its pristine waters and rich history.

Due to its size, it can be challenging to determine the best spot for magnet fishing here, so prioritize areas known for heavy foot and boat traffic. This will give you the best starting point.

Colorado River

Colorado River Running Through Canyon

The Colorado River is a hugely popular destination for magnet fishing, especially out of a vessel such as a kayak or a raft.

“Trolling,” as it is referred to in the fishing world, also applies to magnet fishing in that you can simply let your magnet drag on the bottom of the river as you float or paddle downstream and wait for something to latch on.

Trolling while magnet fishing can be quite lucrative on the Colorado River. You never know what treasures you might come across.

Ohio River

Ohio River Bridge at Night

The Ohio River can be another great place to troll and magnet fish out of a vessel, or you can simply magnet fish off the bank here.

Magnet fishers have retrieved everything from knives to car parts in this vast river, proving it a productive magnet fishing destination.

Again, due to the size of this body of water, finding a good magnet fishing spot can be overwhelming, so try to determine where the most activity takes place and start there.

Red River

Spanning Texas and Louisiana, the Red River has become one of the best places to go magnet fishing due to its heavy recreational traffic.

Fishing, tubing, boating, and paddling are popular activities in and around the Red River, specifically in Louisiana. The opportunities to find lost and forgotten treasures are endless here.

Magnet fishing beaches and piers

View From Shore Under Pier

Rivers and lakes are just some of the many spots to find a great haul while magnet fishing.

Sometimes, magnet fishing off the shoreline or near a pier can yield great treasure finds.

This section of my article will look at some of the best beaches and piers for magnet fishing in the U.S.

Santa Monica Pier, California

Santa Monica Pier at Sunset

Santa Monica Pier is a famous landmark and a popular tourist destination in California.

It also happens to be an excellent spot for magnet fishing.

The pier has been around since 1909 and is known to hold various metallic treasures.

The pier also offers a beautiful view of the Pacific and surrounding areas.

Skyway State Pier, Florida

Skyway State Pier Bridge in Florida

The Skyway State Pier was the Skyway Bridge until it became a fishing pier.

The Skyway State Pier is now one of the best places to go magnet fishing in the United States.

The pier is over 4 miles long, making it the longest fishing pier in the world.

Magnet fishing can yield great results in the surrounding waters.

Ocean City Beach, Maryland

This Maryland Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Maryland and offers excellent opportunities for magnet fishing.

Ocean City Beach stretches miles along the Atlantic Ocean and offers beautiful views and amenities.

Magnet fishers might find jewelry, coins, or fishing gear while magnet fishing at this popular beach.

Ocean City Beach is a beautiful setting for a weekend magnet fishing trip.

Daytona Beach Pier, Florida

Another Florida magnet fishing destination is the Daytona Beach Pier.

Daytona Beach Pier is a popular beach attraction, with the pier stretching over 1000 feet into the Atlantic Ocean.

The pier and its surrounding waters offer excellent opportunities for magnet fishing either from the pier itself or a vessel. You can also magnet fish from the shoreline if you choose.

Venice Beach Pier, California

Second only in popularity to the Santa Monica Pier, the Venice Beach Pier in California is another known treasure trove for magnet fishing.

The pier is known for its unique architecture and for harboring hidden metallic treasures in its waters.

Magnet fishing canals and docks

San Antonio River Walk Bridge Over Canal

Large waterways aren't the only prime spots for magnet fishing. Sometimes, the greatest treasures can be found in the smallest waters.

This section will cover popular canals and docks in the United States that make some of the best places to go magnet fishing.

San Antonio River Walk, Texas

San Antonio River Walk View From Bridge

The River Walk in San Antonio, Texas, is a busy hub for bar crawlers, restaurant goers, and history lovers.

Not only that, but it is also a popular destination for magnet fishing due to its consistent flow of tourist crowds.

The number of people walking along the waterway and taking a boat tour ride along the river makes for an excellent location for treasure hunting.

It’s important here to follow any rules or regulations, as not all areas of the River Walk allow fishing of any kind.

Chicago River Walk, Illinois

Chicago River Walk Running Through Downtown

The River Walk in Chicago is another sight-worthy attraction for pedestrians and tourists stretching along the downtown Chicago River.

The River Walk offers opportunities for magnet fishing among the heavily foot-trafficked walkways.

This is a heavily crowded area, just like the San Antonio River Walk, so be sure to check local regulations for the spot you plan to magnet fish.

Erie Canal, New York

Erie Canal in New York State

Built in the 19th century, the Erie Canal is a historic waterway in New York that has played a vital role in commerce and transportation.

These days, the canal is a popular spot for outdoor recreation, including magnet fishing.

The Erie Canal provides unique magnet fishing opportunities to discover hidden historical treasures from days past.

Anacostia River, Washington, D.C.

The Anacostia River is a historic waterway that flows through the heart of Washington, D.C., offering a unique chance for magnet fishing enthusiasts to explore the capital’s history and culture.

As it is a part of history, this canal allows magnet fishers to recover historical relics and modern treasures.

Miami Canal, Florida

The Miami Canal is a man-made waterway from Miami-Dade County to Broward County in Florida.

It was built in the 20th century, serving as a water source for irrigation and flood control.

Magnet fishers can find a variety of metallic objects in the waters of the Miami Canal, including coins, jewelry, and debris.


My magnet fishing journey has been both fun and exciting, allowing me to get outside to places I usually wouldn't venture in search of underwater treasure.

From lakes and rivers to piers and canals, there are many excellent destinations to go magnet fishing in the United States.

Remember, following local regulations and obtaining any necessary permits before magnet fishing in a particular location is essential. Check with the locale of whichever spot you plan to magnet fish, as regulations are subject to change.

Always respect the natural and cultural heritage of the area and avoid disturbing wildlife or structures that might be found underwater.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be inspired to pack up your magnet fishing kit and head to one of these amazing magnet fishing destinations.

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