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5 Best Outdoor Activities in Houston

Updated: Jan 9


Houston, TX has become my adopted home, and as an outdoor lover, it can sometimes feel like a concrete jungle with not much to spectate other than the traffic and the city skyline.

However, with a little motivation and creativity, the city of Houston and surrounding areas can be a haven of outdoor activities.

Whether you are just passing through, or if you have decided to make Houston your home, I have written this guide for you outdoor adventurers who have found your way here.

Here are the 5 best outdoor activities in Houston.

Kayak Buffalo Bayou

Buffalo Bayou and Houston Skyline

If you’re searching for outdoor activities in Houston, you need only look in the very heart of the city limits.

Buffalo Bayou Park is 160 acres in total, and there are surrounding trails for walking and biking.

There are also dog parks for your furry friends.

However, arguably the most unique experience is kayaking Buffalo Bayou right through the city.

You will enjoy views of the park’s nature as well as the Houston skyline as you paddle down this slow-moving waterway.

Also, if you don’t have a kayak, you can rent one with Bayou City Adventures located right on the bayou.

Fish Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe at Sunset

Just outside the suburbs of Houston, and just an hour north of Downtown, is Lake Conroe.

There are wineries and breweries, boat rentals, and trails for hiking and biking. If fishing is your thing, Lake Conroe is one of the most popular spots around Houston to catch your dinner.

The lake is over 20,000 acres, and you can fish for multiple different species such as Largemouth bass, Bluegill, Channel catfish, and White bass.

Largemouth bass are the most common species to fish for here, with Channel catfish being the most abundant.

Traverse Houston's bike trails

Bike Trail Downtown Houston

Buffalo Bayou is also home to the Buffalo Bayou Loop which is a popular 4.8 mile biking trail in the city of Houston.

You can also find biking trails in various parks throughout the city and surrounding areas such as Memorial Park, Hermann Park, and Alexander Deussen Park.

All of the aforementioned biking trails are paved, so they are optimal for any skill level of bicycling.

Camp in Sam Houston National Forest

Sam Houston National Forest Treeline

While not in Houston, Sam Houston National Forest is just an hour drive north and home to some of the most popular outdoor activities around Houston, TX.

If you love camping like I do, Sam Houston National Forest will provide plenty of spots to choose from.

Stubblefield Lake Recreation Area is the most popular spots to camp, and you can also hike and fish here too for a quiet getaway weekend from the urban rush.

Drive on the beach in Galveston

Distant View of Galveston Beach

Texas beaches have historically been considered public roads.

In Galveston, TX, just southeast of the city of Houston, there are signs that will indicate beaches where it is legal to drive and where the beaches are for pedestrians only.

At Galveston’s West End, you will find beaches where you are allowed to drive right onto the sand.

Pocket Park 1 in Galveston is one of these areas allowing public beach driving access.

You can also take the Bolivar Peninsula Ferry to Crystal Beach where you will find a 27 mile stretch of beach where you can drive, park, and relax.

Keep in mind though to never drive on sand dunes, as these are protected and are a natural, vital source of sand replenishment to the beaches.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on the tides, as the last thing you would want on a beautiful day at the beach is to watch your vehicle washing out to sea!


Houston doesn’t just have to be a bustling urban experience if you’re a resident or tourist.

The city of Houston and surrounding areas offer recreation and fun for the outdoor adventurer if you just know where to look.

There are many more outdoor activities in Houston that I didn’t mention here, but these are the 5 most popular, and in my opinion best, outdoor activities in Houston, TX.

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